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Invest in the future of Mendoza

Invest In Mendoza

Surrounded by the finest wineries of Mendoza, this unique and extraordinary development project will be unlike any other in Argentina. Located in the world-famous Valle de Uco, this vast, 310-hectare site has its own water source making it a fertile oasis in the arid region of Mendoza with picturesque lakes and an abundance of exotic wildlife. Every year, thousands more high-end tourists visit the province of Mendoza, but there is a distinct lack of luxury hotels with five-star facilities in the area. The project will include a new boutique hotel and a five-star hotel and will offer the chance to buy property in Argentina and invest in luxury villas. Guests and owners of the luxury villas will have access to 19 distinct, experiential zones. They will be able to sample the finest vintages from the wineries of Mendoza stocked at the development's own winery and enjoy some of the best golf in Argentina on an 18-hole golf course designed by Eduardo Romero. The smart equestrian centre will offer horse riding and polo lessons and lovers of the great outdoors can stay in a futuristic treehouse or opt for a spot of ‘glamping' (luxury camping).

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Uco's Blog

Uco Blog

Valle de Uco, Golf, Wine & Country's brand includes a rare and beautiful species of bird that is indigenous to Argentina, affectionately known as 'Uco'. Uco's Blog will cover news on harvests, wine-tasting and the finest vintages from the best wineries of Mendoza. It will also include updates on the development's progress to investors who have bought luxury villas and eventually, guests of two of the most exciting and innovative luxury hotels in Argentina. Just as the development's winery will become the ultimate sommelier for the finest produce of the wineries of Mendoza, Uco's Blog will become an insider's guide to Mendoza restaurants, bodegas, cuisine and festivals, and the many ways of enjoying the outstanding natural beauty of this alluring province of Argentina.

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Own your own vineyard

Own your own Vineyard

As well as the opportunity to invest in real estate in Argentina, Valle de Uco, Golf, Wine & Country is offering wine enthusiasts the chance to buy their own row of Malbec vines. Buyers will have the chance to work closely with a skilled agronomist who will send detailed reports on their crop throughout the year. They can also swap some of their grapes with a different variety to create a unique blend. A row of vines can be purchased for as little as £4,499 and will give the owner the ability to have their grapes harvested, processed into wine by a well-respected oenologist, bottled, individually labeled and delivered to their door at a fraction of the retail price every year. Each row will consist of 115 vines which will yield an estimated 60 bottles of wine in the first year of ownership, 84 in the second year and 100+ bottles in year three and onwards.


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