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Raise a glass to Malbec!

Raise a glass to Malbec!

The global appetite for Argentine wine is on the rise again. New research suggests that we are drinking even more Argentine wine than ever before with a reported 472 bottles of Argentine wine being opened around the world every minute. That’s nearly 8 bottles a second! It’s great news for Argentina and for its most prestigious wine-growing region – Mendoza.

In the first five months of this year alone the value of wine exports had increased by nearly 20%, with bottled wines contributing $290 million to that figure. Malbec, the grape that has become synonymous with the highest quality Argentine wines, makes up more than half of those exports. 

This is excellent news and shows that Argentina’s wine industry is in robust health and has a promising year ahead.

Jay Miller, a spokesman for the influential independent wine publication The Wine Advocate said in an interview with WineSur that, “The future of Malbec in the US market remains excellent.”

Added on 8 September

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