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Marvellous Malbec is breaking records!

Marvellous Malbec is breaking records!

Take a look at this recent article from the Wall Street Journal, all about the rise and rise of marvellous Malbec. It's great news for Mendoza because with wine lovers comes wine tourism! We plan to offer tours of the local vineyards to our guests at Valle de Uco Golf, Wine & Country. With hundreds of wineries to choose from (many of them being our close neighbours) our customers will be spoiled for choice!

Popularity is clearly on the rise - these numbers speak for themselves:

"According to a study commissioned for the Wines of Argentina, sales of Malbec to the U.S. (the top export market for the wines) are up 17% so far this year compared with the same time last year, and they've been trending ever upward since 2004. Malbec accounts for more than 64% of all Argentine wine sold in this country."


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