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Nature Reserve


Valle de Uco, Golf, Wine & Country is unique in the arid region of Mendoza as it has its own natural spring, making it an oasis of forests, rivers, meadows and lakes. Preservation of the unique and dramatic landscape of the vast, 310-hectare site is key to the philosophy of the project. Unlike many other leisure developments in Argentina, the luxury villas, five-star hotels, winery, equestrian centre and golf clubhouse will be sensitively designed to complement the lakes, rivers and forests and Mendoza's iconic mountain range.

The existing wetlands are home to flora and fauna indigenous to Argentina, so they will be turned into a nature reserve. The 18-hole professional golf course designed by Eduardo Romero will wrap around this nature reserve so as not to disturb the wildlife.

Many of the other facilities - horse-riding, trekking, nature walks, treehouses and a state-of-the-art observatory - will bring guests of the two five-star hotels and owners of the luxury villas closer to the land.



Natural spring

Valle de Uco, Golf, Wine & Country has a rare resource that many of the bodegas and wineries of Mendoza lack - water. Included in the site is a natural spring that is also the source for Eco de los Andes, a famous brand of bottled mineral water that is Argentina's answer to Evian.

The glacial water from this spring has created two rivers which form the East and West borders of the site. Fly-fishing in the rivers will be kept to a minimum to conserve natural fish stocks and the wetlands which will be turned into a nature reserve. The project was planned around water lines to preserve its natural habitats so that visitors will instinctively interact with the land.

With its own water source, Valle de Uco, Golf, Wine & Country will be a natural oasis in the arid region of Mendoza.

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