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Mendoza's booming wine industry

  • Mendoza's fine wines have made it an emerging destination

  • The wineries of Mendoza are globally respected and the region has been designated one of only 8 Great Wine Capitals of the World. $1.5billion of international investment in Mendoza's wine industry has resulted in a 10% annual growth in the region's economy. An increase in exports and the popularity of the Mendoza's signature Malbec grape has helped the region achieve similar GDP growth than China between 2002-7, and the investment shows no sign of slowing. For example, $16 million has already been invested or pledged for 2009-2010, including an unspecified investment from Diageo for a new winemaking plant for the premium Navarro Correas brand and $6.4 million from Moet Hennessy for a new winery.

    Argentine wine exports have increased by 400% over the last 10 years and the vineyards of Mendoza now account for over 80% of Argentina's total wine production. Consumption of quality wine per capita is increasing worldwide, and as a result wine tourism (or oenotourism) to the wineries of Mendoza has been increasing by 10% every year.


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  • Tourism in Mendoza

  • Wine writer George Taber stated in his book In Search of Bacchus that ‘wine isn't made in ugly places. It is always made in one place more knockout beautiful than the last.' National Geographic also recently included Mendoza in its exclusive ‘Top 50 Places of a Lifetime'. As a result of its stunning scenery, the surge in oenotourism to Mendoza is set to continue until 2016 as it has in other wine regions around the world.

    In California, for example, the number of visitors to the wineries of California's Napa Valley and Sonoma region increased from 14.8 million in 2002 to 19.7 million in 2005 . This phenomenon is not limited to the US with oenotourist numbers in 2007 reported at 7 million for France, 9 million for Italy, 6 million for Spain, 5 million for Australia and 2.5 million for South Africa. Mendoza, even though relatively underdeveloped in terms of oenotourism, attracted 1.8 million visitors in the same year.


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