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Progress so far

  • What we've accomplished to date

  • Prior to the September launch of Valle de Uco, Golf, Wine & Country, much has been achieved to secure future development including:

    • Full purchase of land (this is not a joint venture with a landowner)
    • Full payment for the land
    • Zona frontier (permission for foreign ownership of the land) attained
    • Planning permission granted
    • Masterplan designed
    • Golf partner Eduardo Romero has designed the 18-hole golf course
    • Hydrological and agronomist studies undertaken
    • Preliminary clearing, fencing and sangria (irrigation systems) works
    • House designs complete
    • Full UK and Argentine teams in place
    • Letter of intent from a major luxury hotel brand


    Next steps

    Call us on 0845 6808791 or +44 845 680 8791 from outside the UK or email us at info@valle-de-uco.com. Alternativly you can register here to receive regular updates.

  • Phasing

  • Valle de Uco, Golf, Wine & Country will be constructed in five phases of development. The project will launch with phases 1a and 1b, followed by phase 1c, phase 2 and the hotel phase. Please refer to the masterplan for more details.

  • the masterplan

  • The masterplan shows details of the five phases of development. Download it here and if you have any questions, call us on 0845 6808791 or +44 845 680 8791 from outside the UK or email us at info@valle-de-uco.com 

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