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The perfect time to invest in property in Mendoza

  • A fashionable destination that's ripe for real estate investment

  • Have you been wondering where you can make your money work for you?  Where are the burgeoning markets?  Where is the growth?  Where can you find some sizzle?  So many markets are flat, falling or registering paltry increases.  You want something with real upside, a great story and most of all, good timing.

    The answer is Mendoza, Argentina.  In the wine world this is no longer a secret.  Its Malbec grape is world-class.  In the travel industry, it is a recognized high-end destination.

    Now the real growth to watch out for is in its property.

    Mendoza has turned the humble Malbec grape into a vintage of international repute. The number of wine enthusiasts (or oenotourists)  flocking to the region has increased by 10% a year and in their wake follow more high-end tourists who come for Mendoza’s stunning landscape and the seductive culture of Argentina.

    Think of how skiers first discovered Aspen and Jackson Hole.  Recall how surfers raised the profile of Tarifa and the party crowd put Ibiza on the map. Mendoza has all the ingredients needed to make it one of the next top real estate locations.

    Mendoza’s wine industry has been booming for twenty years, fuelling an economy that is increasing at levels similar to China. This growth is also turning Mendoza into one of the most desirable travel destinations in the world.

    With visitor numbers growing by 10% every year, a booming wine industry and breathtaking landscape, Mendoza is perfectly positioned for the wealthy to enjoy a second or third home.  Valle de Uco Golf, Wine & Country is a 310 hectare, top-tier destination development with 19 zones of experience from golf to polo, a nature reserve to a world-class winery. The time to invest in property in Mendoza is ripe as there is not much competition.  

    Because of the huge increase in visitor numbers to the wineries of Mendoza, there are also plans to improve access to the region which will further secure investment in property in Mendoza. 

    1. A direct flight route between Sao Paulo in Brazil and Mendoza is looking more imminent. This will bring Mendoza to within easy reach of all Brazilians and provide intercontinental travellers another quicker route to Mendoza without the 1 to 2 hour transfer time in Buenos Aires. This new route also makes Mendoza psychologically closer for the Brazilian long weekend market.

    2. Bidding has opened to re-establish the train link between Buenos Aires and Mendoza. The route could be operational as early as 2014 and will have a journey time of 10 hours.

    3. National Route 40 (or Ruta 40) which connects Mendoza's El Plumerillo International Airport to the world-famous wineries of Mendoza province is being upgraded with will almost halve the drive time to Mendoza's wine route from 1 hour 15 minutes to a mere 40 minutes.


    Next steps

    Call us on 0845 6808791 or +44 845 680 8791 from outside the UK or email us at info@valle-de-uco.com. Alternativly you can request a call back here.

  • A unique location

  • Mendoza is a very arid region and suffers from a lack of water. Well licences are hard to obtain - out of 420 well requests made last year only 20 were granted. Valle de Uco Golf, Wine & Country has its own natural spring that produces an abundance of surface water, more than enough for the development of the site. It has also obtained licenses for two wells.

    The development is self-contained and private but far from isolated. The small towns of Tunuyán (a 10-minute drive away) and Vista Flores (a 3-minute drive) are handy for amenities. Mendoza City and its international airport are about an hour away. Valle de Uco, Golf, Wine & Country is also right in the heart of the existing wine route and near neighbours include some of the most famous wineries of Mendoza including Michel Rolland's Clos de Los Siete, O'Fournier and Salentein.


  • The masterplan shows details of the five phases of development. Download it here and if you have any questions, call us on 0845 6808791 or +44 845 680 8791 from outside the UK or email us at info@valle-de-uco.com 

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