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The winery

  • A new way to experience the wineries of Mendoza

  • Valle de Uco Golf, Wine & Country's winery will be central to the development and is included in its first phase. As well as producing its own wines, its circular cellar will stock the finest vintages from the best wineries of Mendoza curated by a team of top sommeliers.

    Cutting-edge architecture has become the hallmark of many of the wineries of Mendoza, and this will be no exception. British architect Tom Bartlett has taken the shape of agricultural barns typical of Argentina as inspiration for the design of the building. He is also using traditional, hand-made brick and native woods to create a futuristic winery that will delight the senses of the sophisticated, world traveller.

    Two, elegant, conjoined structures seem to float above the surrounding vineyards. Every aspect has been carefully planned to make the most of the sun, shade and the stunning views of the Andes. Visitors will enter beneath a canopy of vine leaves that offers dappled shade to escape the glare of the South American sun. A huge hall will be devoted to an information centre with displays on local wines and architectural models of the luxury villas, five-star hotels and signature buildings of Valle de Uco, Golf, Wine & Country.

    Adjacent to the hall, a fine dining restaurant will offer a menu of Argentine and international dishes created by a world-renowned chef also served on a shady terrace overlooking the Andes.

    On the first floor, guests can relax in a sleek lounge area where fine wines from the best wineries in Mendoza and cocktails can be enjoyed beside an open fire in the winter months. Beyond the lounge, a long, alfresco terrace bar seems to float above the landscape below.

  • The Cellar

  • As guests descend into the cellar, they enter a long corridor lined with hundreds of bottles hand-picked from the finest wineries of Mendoza. The space will be dominated by a long tasting table made from a single slab of concrete. Spotlights in the floor and ceiling add a sense of drama and movement to this sepulchral space which leads to the main tasting area.

    The circular cellar is the winery's hub. The best vintages from the region of Mendoza will line its walls and a vaulted dome topped by a circular skylight reference The Pantheon in Rome. At the centre of the cellar, a round, altar-like table mimics the skylight above. It is here that highly-trained sommeliers will talk guests through the finest wines in Argentina.

For more information call 0845 680 8791 or +44 845 680 8791 from outside the UK or click here to request a call back.

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