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Mendoza's wine

  • Wine, Mendoza's main attraction

  • Argentina is one of the world's most prolific wine producers and the wineries of Mendoza have been making fine wines since the 1800s. The province of Mendoza is one of only nine Great Wine Capitals of the world alongside Rioja in Spain, Bordeaux in France, Cape Town in South Africa and Napa Valley in the US.

    The 21,000-foot peaks of the Andes that form Argentina's backbone provide the perfect conditions for cultivating Mendoza's estimated 45,000 hectares of vines. The mountains also provide a spectacular backdrop for the hundreds of wineries of Mendoza which attract tens of thousands of wine enthusiasts to the region every year.

    A small valley known as Valle de Uco in the centre of the region has become recognised as one of the most prestigious locations for producing Mendoza's signature Malbec wines. Thanks to year-round sunshine, an average temperature of 14.2° C and the highest altitudes at which wines are produced in the province of Mendoza (up to 1,400 meters above sea level), the grapes have slow and balanced ripening cycles.

    Here global brands such as Chandon and Norton sit alongside the many small boutique wineries of Mendoza which produce less than 100 barrels per harvest. This valley is also the setting for the 3.1 million square metre development Valle de Uco, Golf, Wine & Country.

  • More than just Malbec

  • Because of Valle de Uco's ideal climate and conditions, both red and white grapes obtain perfect levels of acidity which make the wines suitable for prolonged aging. Both red and white grapes thrive in this corner of Mendoza province. Particularly in the case of red varieties, the tannins and colour become fixed in the grape's skin, giving the wines intensity and structure.

    The wineries of Valle de Uco produce much more than Mendoza's signature Malbec wines. Other grape varieties are grown here including Chardonnay, Semillon, Merlot, Pinot Noir and Tempranillo. The acidity of the grapes also makes them ideal bases for sparkling wines.

    The range of varieties grown in the valley was part of the inspiration for Las Viñas del Pájaro which offers wine enthusiasts the chance to own a row of Malbec vines at one of the top wineries of Mendoza. A skilled agronomist will send regular reports on their grapes and there is the option for owners to swap some of their grapes with a different variety from another top winery in Mendoza and create a unique blend.

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